Your home or commercial building is one of the most significant investments you’ll probably make, both financially and emotionally, so it can be stressful to experience significant damage and be forced to file a claim with your homeowners insurance. To ensure that the value of your property damage is correctly evaluated, a public adjuster can help take guesswork out of the equation. As a comprehensive storm restoration consulting firm, Prime Construction Consulting can help refer you to the best public adjusters in your area to ensure that your property damage is fairly evaluated and you get the compensation you deserve from your insurance carrier.

What A Public Adjuster Does

When you file an insurance claim, your homeowners insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to your case, who will evaluate the property damage in question and come up with a payout amount based on the coverage level your policy carries. Policyholders can also choose to hire a public adjuster, who assesses the property damage, determines the scope of repairs, and estimates the replacement value for repairs. However, rather than working for the insurance company like a private adjuster, they work for you. The public adjuster is paid a percentage of the payout amount they help you get after your homeowners insurance company issues the settlement. Remember that the payment amount owed to the adjuster comes out of your end, not the insurance company’s.

Should I Hire A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster will deal with your claim and handle communications with your insurance company in your stead. After a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, you may be too overwhelmed with rebuilding to negotiate with your insurance company, making the expense of hiring a public adjuster well worth it. This gives you peace of mind that your claim will be settled fairly and the true value of the property damage is accounted for, as insurance companies often try to pay out the smallest amount possible.

Your claim is a significant sum and the damage is severe

You’ve had poor experiences with your insurance company

Your think the claim settlement is too low

You’re too busy to deal with your insurance company

What To Expect From A Public Adjuster

When you hire a public adjuster, they will handle the entire claims process for you, from surveying the damage, reviewing the claim, calculating the recommended payout, and coordinating with your insurance company to get you your money. If you choose to negotiate with the insurance company for a higher payout, your public adjuster can help you with this process so you don’t have to negotiate with them yourself. Working with a public adjuster could get you a higher payout; The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) reports that the typical settlement for homeowners without a public adjuster is around $18,659, compared to $22,266 with a public adjuster.

If your home has been devastated by a natural disaster, Prime Construction Consulting can help you rebuild every step of the way, from connecting you with public adjusters and property insurance attorneys to handle your insurance claim, to getting you the best contractors in your area. Call Prime Construction Consulting to learn more about rebuilding your home after a storm today!